Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Rosters and Practice Times

Below are the final rosters for our three teams. Varsity and JV teams will practice at 7am tomorrow morning. The Freshmen team will practice at 4pm tomorrow.

Coaches will be available at school from 9am-10am tomorrow to speak with any students with questions about their inclusion/exclusion from team rosters. If required, students can also email to arrange alternative times to speak with coaches.

The coaching staff additionally welcomes conversations with players throughout the year, as questions about their role in the program may arise. 


Remus Repcak 

Axel DeLaTorre

Angel Ramos 

Carlos Reynoso 

Hansi Katterle

Ben Augee

Cesar Jacintos 

Cristian Sandobal

Adel Faks

Leo Fulcher

Mac Sera

Hudson Llanes

Kameron Manning

Nic Sammond

Aiden Deibele

Edgar Espino-Gerardo

Cam Peebles

Jack Vohland

Jared Villa


Khang Nguyen

Brandon Goodell

Connor Remley

Caleb Singh

Chris Parra

Isaiah Trotter

Andy Cortez

Ryan Wilson

Isaac Pena

Everett Caspell

Marcos Andrade

Emi Gonzalez 

Johnny Rivera

Jordan Wood

Grant Stephens


Aiden Stewart

Matthew Dollar

Levi Johnson

Noah Freauf

Daniel Kehoe-Ellis

Carter Garrett

Forest Carter

James Satterfield

Luke Horton

Diego Baca

Jacoby Johnson

Casey Chand

Jacob Lewis

Maddix Schermerhorn

Isaac Gutierrez

Angel Marquez-Diaz

Diego Rojas

Brian Mendez

Jihad Elhaj

Jose Diaz

Jose O

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Camps Starting August 2 - 7am-9am

Another update on the fast approaching season:


August 2-6: Week 1 Camp - 7am-9am (optional) ($50*)
August 9-13: Week 2 Camp - 7am-9am (optional) ($50*)

Sign-up for our optional camp weeks can be found on the Tualatin High School Athletics page.

*PLEASE NOTE: We work hard to ensure that camp fees are not a barrier to participation for any student. Please reach out to me at if this cost presents you with any issues. 


August 16 - 18: Tryouts - 7am-9am

We anticipate fielding three teams for the upcoming season (Varsity, JV, and Freshmen). 

Given the high level of interest in the Boys Soccer Program, we typically have more students attending tryouts than their are available roster spaces. As a result of the high turnout, tryouts for roster spots can be competitive and we as a coaching staff are forced to make very difficult decisions as we finalize rosters each year. 

It's important players work to attend each day of tryouts in order to have the best opportunity to demonstrate their playing abilities. Please reach out to me at if you have a conflict with our tryout dates. 


Players are encouraged to use the weeks between now and tryouts to work on their fitness so that they are best positioned to display their playing abilities once the week of tryouts arrives. 

To help with this, players may wish to utilize our program's fitness guide

Athletics Registration

Players need to register thorough the Tualatin Athletics page and receive clearance before being permitted to participate in athletic activities.  Please note that this process requires a medicial exam. It is recommended to complete this process as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you all on the fields shortly.

- Coach Duke

Monday, June 7, 2021

Boys Soccer - 2021 Season


As summer break approaches, I wanted to make you all aware of the schedule for the season ahead. Some dates to know:

August 2-6: Week 1 Camp (optional) ($50*)
August 9-13: Week 2 Camp (optional) ($50*)
August 16: Tryouts begin

Additionally, our game schedule for next year was recently released. Our matches will be as follows:

August 31: @ Wilson
September 2: Jesuit
September 9: @ Tigard
September 14: Lake Oswego
September 16: @ Canby
September 21: West Linn
September 28: Lakeridge
September 30: Oregon City
October 5: Tigard
October 7: @ Lake Oswego
October 12: Canby
October 14: @ West Linn
October 20: @ Lakeridge
October 26: @ Oregon City

*PLEASE NOTE: We work hard to ensure that camp fees are not a barrier to participation for any student. Please reach out to me at if this cost presents you with any issues. 

- Coach Duke

Monday, February 15, 2021

TUESDAY Practice Cancelled


Unfortunately, due to the weather, the district has once again cancelled all in-person activities tomorrow. As a result, our Tuesday practice is cancelled

Our first practice will now take place Wednesday, from 7pm-9pm.

If the weather safely permits it, I would continue to encourage you all to work on fitness tomorrow afternoon in advance of our coming together. 

See you Wednesday,

- Coach Duke

Sunday, February 14, 2021


As a result of the current weather conditions, the district has cancelled all activities tomorrow. 

Our first practice will instead be held Tuesday from 7pm-9pm.

- Coach Duke

Monday Practice


I am writing with a change to our practice schedule this Monday. My apologies for the late change in plans.


Monday Practice - 12pm-2pm: I have just been informed that lights will not be installed on the upper turf field until Tuesday, making our original practice time unworkable.

Thanks to the no-school day, we will move our practice to 12pm-2pm this Monday. 

Please note that practice Tuesday-Friday has not changed and will take place from 7pm-9pm, as previously scheduled. 

Should weather force us to cancel, an email will be sent Monday morning 


Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we navigate this untraditional winter season. We look forward to seeing everyone who is able to make it to this optional practice.

- Coach Duke

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Another Update


I hope everyone is well.

Thank you for reading carefully through this information.


1. COVID-19 Safety Procedures - The health and safety of our players and families is our number one priority as we look to begin training. It is essential that players in the program follow safety guidelines when participating in the soccer program. More details on these procedures will come as we begin our practices, but I want to bring your attention to a few items at this time:
  • Both the safety of our players and the viability of our season will depend on reducing the risk of spread of disease. I would ask all players, beginning now, to redouble their efforts to social distance and avoid any interactions in close proximity to others that aren't absolutely necessary. As a program, our success depends on a shared commitment to reducing the possibility of exposure to COVID-19.
  • Each day, players will need to complete an online health screening before participating in practice. More information on this system and how to access the survey will be provided this coming week.
  • Players and coaches will be required to wear masks at all times. Masks will be available at the school, if needed.
  • When at the soccer field, players will be required to maintain distance from other students at all times unless actively participating in a drill/scrimmage. 
2. Registration - Players will not be able to participate in practices and tryouts until they have completed the registration process. All players must submit each of the following:
  1. An online Clearance Form 
  2. A Pre-Participation Examination Form (filled out by parent/student) 
  3. A Physical Examination Form (filled out by the student's physician)
Please visit the Tualatin Athletics Website to complete this process. 

3. COVID-19 Waiver Form - Players must also complete the attached COVID-19 Liability form, and bring it with them on the first day of practice. These will be collected by our coaches and will be required for participation in the program. 

I will have hard copies available at the field for parents and students who may require one.

4. Season Schedule - Since my last email, the Varsity/JV schedule has been updated with 3 additional matches.

Additionally, we have also been given a time slot for our preseason training. The combination of a later class schedule, students needing to get to campus at the end of the school day, the need for lights with early sunset, the need for additional space to physically distance, and the need to share the facilities with Football and Girls Soccer has moved us to a later time slot (7pm-9pm).

Times for practices once teams are chosen will differ depending on the team. 

The season will now look as follows:

Week 0 - Camp (Optional) - February 15-19 - 7pm-9pm
Week 1 - Tryouts/Team selection - February 22-26 - 7pm-9pm
Week 2 - Practice/Start of competition - March 1-5

March 4 - @Clackamas
March 9 - Lakeridge
March 11 - @Oregon City
March 16 - Tigard
March 18 - @Lakeridge
March 23 - Lake Oswego
March 25 - @Canby
March 30 - West Linn
April 1 - Southridge
April 5-10 - "Culminating Week"

Additional Notes
  • There are games scheduled during Spring Break
  • The schedulers were unable to get us a third non-conference game, hence two matches against Lakeridge. 
  • The schedule for the freshman team is still being finalized.
5. Fitness - Players are strongly encouraged to use the coming week to help improve their fitness in advance of our camp. Running and physical activity of any type is beneficial.

Ideas for specific workouts can be found in our fitness guide.


Our coaching staff is excited that it still appears our season will go ahead and looking forward to seeing you all on the field.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

- Coach Duke